Runtime of query for currently visible result set grid

One of the features that was very helpful in Toad for Oracle was the ability to see the runtime of the most recently executed query in any given tab. This is better than going to the SQL Recall (History) window b/c the latter is for all queries/tabs and it can be hard to find the runtime of the particular query you're looking for. In Toad Data Point, I often have many query editor tabs open, and each tab often has multiple result set grids open. Within each result set grid, I can click the double-arrow button in the lower right and see the SQL related to that result set, which is very nice. I would just like to also be able to see the elapsed runtime of that query right there in the same view somewhere. I keep tripping over this so I know for me at least it would be very useful. I imagine this would be a very simple enhancement so I am hoping it can get picked up.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Oddly, Data Point 5.1 has that exact thing. Data Point 5.7 does not. I've looked all over for a setting to turn that back on with no luck. It's annoying enough to get me to register just to see if anyone else has this issue.

Can we please have the Runtime of a query added back to each tab in Data Point?