Salesforce connection error

I get the following error when trying to connect to salesforce. I have installed the HUB and entered the poxy settings when prompted. I have attached the details from the error. I have read other posts about running a sql to insert the proxy setting but also found info that contradicts that. Any help is appreciated.

Error mapping data source “Salesforce” for Data Hub “localhost:3566”.
Got temporary error 4206 ‘Invalid data source definition: Failure when receiving data from the peer’ from HUB

toad.txt (8.49 KB)

I’ll assume you’re trying to make a Salesforce connection directly from Data Point and not through Toad Intelligence Central Server. In this case the proxy settings can be set from the Main menu option Tools / Options. Expand the Database node and select Quest Data Services. On this form you can specify the address and port number of the proxy. If the proxy requires authentication a User Name and Password can also be entered.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue please provide more detail about your environment. Can you access Saleforce from a web browser on the same machine as Data Point is installed? Are there any special options set in the browser for this to work?