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Salesforce Created Date TimeZone Modify Output

I'm trying to modify the Output in Toad Data Point for the CreatedDate and Call_Start_Time__c data fields. Currently they appear to be in GMT and I need to change them to Central Time. I was advised that i can try to apply Transform & cleanse but this didn't seem to allow me to change the Time Zone. When I attempt to change using the calculated field for New Time I receive an error message "NEW_TIME does not exist".

Can the output be modified? It is causing the data to show an incorrect time and also incorrect date on some records.



Hi Scott,
This should be possible with T&C module but you probably have to use some SQL function for change timezone. You mentioned you are using calculated filed which is correct. You just have to switch it to 'Use SQL Transform' and then you have to use some SQL function for converting.
If you have some badly formatted data you can prepare your data before you will use this calculation.
Can you tell me what provider are you using (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server) and can you give me some sample data what are you using?