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Toad Data Point for Salesforce

I'm looking for a way to convert the CreatedDate and Call_Start_Time fields in Salesforce to a different TimeZone. Is there a way to change the data that is queried to display a different timezone.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Should really take this inquiry into the Toad Data Point forum, please.

Have you tried applying the Transform & cleanse engine in Toad Data Point to your Salesforce data?
e.g. right-click on the results set or data grid and choose Send To -> Transform & Cleanse...

There are some date-time functions that can produce what you need. You may need to convert your date-time stamp format into pure date format first before applying. See screen snapshot below.


It got me further. Sorry I had mean to post into Toad Data Point. I will try there for further assistance.

Thank you for your quick response.