Toad Data Point overwriting DB timezone?

I have a connection to snowflake set up via toad data point. The timezone parameter in snowflake is set to America/New_York on user/session/account level. However, TIMESTAMP_LTZ fields are being defaulted in the toad data point to whatever timezone parameter toad is setting on its end. Where can I find the options to change this?

Example - these return different values.

select to_char(current_timestamp());
select current_timestamp();

to_char gives us the correct timestamp based on snowflake America/New_York timezone set on the user and session level. Not including to_char returns the timestamp in my local timezone. I do not want everything converted to my local timezone.


Welcome to the TDP forum, Erin!

See snap below... You can change the way dates/times are displayed by going to the TDP options base, and reviewing the Date Type Formatting options on the Environment->Grid page, including your own custom masks. Hope this helps.