save / Load layout

as described in support message SOL39566 , Quest Defect ID: CR 46 002

It would be very nice that the next version implement a feature avoiding to relayout entirely a model each time you do a model update with the production DB.

To do that the feature “save / Load layout” existing in TDM2 was pretty nice.


Yes, it would be nice.
Unfortunately, let me inform you that this feature will not be available in next version 3.2. Main priorities for 3.2 release are: optimization of memory consumption, speed, application code and scripting method.

Nevertheless, we plan to add this feature in any of future TDM versions. (I confirm this request has been entered under CR # 46 002.)

Thanks very much for your patience!


Vladka + TDM Team


Does the reaparition of the save/restore layout feature is planned ?

Honnestly this feature appear for me as blocking, then I don’t really use TDM3, I’m still using TDM2 in most of case.
This feature was one of the feature that make me choose TDM

I’ve renewed my licence for the modeling tools I used previoulsy, so if you do not plan to readd this feature on the next few month, I don’t think I will repaid for my TDM maintenance and I will look for another tools, because since TDM2 I don’t see a lot of new feature, I agree You have fully rewritted the tools but, it doesn’t bring me feauture.

This request is pending since long time now, ticket to support placed by another user was probably more thant 18 months older.


Hello Laurent,

Thanks very much for your feedback.

Unfortunately, I'm sorry to inform you that the save/load layout feature will not be implemented in the upcoming full version 3.3.x. Although we plan to add this feature to TDM version 3, still there have been other tasks of much higher priority.

Nevertheless, there is a workaround:

  1. Let's say you have Model 1. You rearrange the model as you need and save the model.
  2. Then you do RE and a new model, let's say Model 2, will be created.
  3. Activate Model 1 and open the Convertor dialog.
  4. Select Model 2 in the Model2 box.
  5. Click the Settings tab in Convertor, clear all options except one - Workspaces and its subitems.
  6. Click the Model tab in Convertor again. You should see only differences made in the layout. If you click Merge to the Model 2, the layout changes should be merged (loaded).

Please let us know if this workaround is acceptable for you.

You have fully rewritted the tools but, it doesn't bring me feauture.

Well, yes, the save/load feature as it is in TDM 2 is not supported. Nevertheless, there are many other great new features in TDM 3 that are missing in TDM 2: modeless dialogs, object navigator box, enhanced workspace navigation, workspaces, designers, categories, alter script generation, model update, Toad for Oracle integration and in the upcoming version e.g. XSLT transformation, PDF reports and much more...

If you have more questions, please write me back. Thanks!

Have a nice day.



I was able to follow these instructions using Toad Data Modeler version 3.6.

  1. I started with the model that had the correct arrangement of the tables.
  2. I used the dialog box that is found under the File pull-down menu, Sync & Convert option, and Simple Model Merge dialog box.
  3. From the To Model pull-down menu at the top of the dialog box, I chose the model that was not arranged correctly.
  4. I used the Deselect All button to unselect the checkboxes and then checked the Workspaces checkbox, which selects all its subitems. Workspaces was the only item that was checked.
  5. I clicked the Merge button at the bottom of the dialog box.

The tables in the second model that were common with the first model were rearranged to look like the first model. The new tables in the second model were not rearranged. It worked.


thanks for the confirmation. We are glad it worked.