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Load / Save alignment issue


Good morning, I am back with my weekly or daily? report :slight_smile:

Whenever I save my model and reload it, the tables and relationships (+ names) are moved around and mostly scrunched together.

I really dont know what information you need, so I’ll try my best with the following:

Physical Model
Oracle 10g
4x3 pages
NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110M
Dual Monitors (Dell)
1680x1050x32 resolution


Hello Shannara,

Unfortunately, we have failed to simulate the trouble.

Please take the following steps to make sure whether position of names is saved properly:

  1. Create a new PER model.
  2. Create two entities and connect them via relationship.
  3. Change position of relat. name.
  4. Save the model and close the model.
  5. Open the model.
    Is the name in the position where you moved it? Let us know.

If the position was saved properly, please try to remember what exactly you did with your model before you saved it. Thanks for the details.

If you can reproduce the problem on your model (the trouble occurs repeatedly in the model), please send the model to us. We will look at it. You can send it to: Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team