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Saving "workspace" not just on a crash

One of the amazing “features” of Toad for SQL Server (and I think MySQL as well) is its remarkable ability to restore the entire workspace of tabs in the case of a crash, even ones that had not been previously saved into a .sql file. Even the tab positions are largely retained. The problem is that I’ve become so enamored of this ability that I tend to kill toad.exe outright than have to face saving a dozen tabs and then opening them back up one-by-one!

Is there a way formally save a Toad “workspace” – a la Firefox “sessions” – or even a short history of workspaces that I can choose to restore at a later time? This would be a massive interface improvement for me and my team.

  • KJ

Edit: Apologies for posting this on the beta thread. It really should be in the general discussion group, but I am ashamed to admit I didn’t realize I had to “join” the group in order to post. I thought I was just being silly not being able to find the “Post New Thread” button there!


Sorry for the late responce.

You can use this option - Tools | Options | Environment | Desktops | Open documents.

But.. Oops :frowning: , I figured out that this option doesn't work recently as expected. I've created several CRs to address all issues.

You will be able to check it in the future release.

regards, Julia.