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Exchange connections in Workspaces


I’m a heavy user of the workspace feature of toad. Now our DBAs are planing to replace the connection strings in the tnsnames.ora (because the host name will change due to a hardware upgrade). Unfortunately My saved editor tabs do not load as long as the connection for them is not established. Therefore I will not be able to open my saved editor tabs.

I’ve tried to search & replace the connection strings in the file “Workspaces.dat” which rendered it unreadable for Toad.

Is there any way to replace the connections for the saved workspaces?

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Hello Entropy,

I have run into a very similar issue.

Wonder if you got any traction on this issue, no one has replied but have you been able to find a workaround?

I use workspaces a fair bit. I have one workspace that is only half loading and then it hits a database that is not available and it stops completely, it does not load up the rest of the workspace. I have allot of critical details about a current project I am working on in tabs that are not loading because of the connection error, and I do not know what database it is failing on. I have about 30+ databases to choose from so just not practical to try and figure which one it is.


I did manage to find a convoluted workaround to identify which database was failing. If anyone is interested let me know and I will post it up.

Turning on Spool SQL before attempting to restore a workspace should show you which DB Toad is attempting to connect to

Thanks John, I hope this is not a dump question but where do you turn on Spool SQL, is that an option within the TOAD options as I cannot find.


Sorry, I should have mentioned that.

Main Menu: Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool to Screen.

It will go to the output window at the bottom of Toad (unless you moved it somewhere else)

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Worked like a charm and was able to identify the database not connecting.

For the other novices, like myself, I did have to copy out the text and search for "ORA-" to find as the the error was not he last in the Spool SQL log.

Thanks John.