SB Index Pos column in Columns tab sorting correctly?


In, I’m loving the RHS index tab cleanup on the SB! (not sure when exactly that came about though)

I’m working on optimizing massive UPDATEs and need to know quickly if a column being updated is part of an index, so I pop over to the Columns tab of the Tables SB. When I click on the header of the Index Pos tab, I guess I expected to have all the columns contained in indexes come first (or last), but that’s not the order I see the columns in. It sorts the first 2 columns (kinda) and then it’s just the ID order. BTW, I like the hint on the Index Pos cell that shows the actual indexes, too!



Yeah, it does look like there is some kind of sort problem on that column. I’m on it.

Fixed for next beta.

Awesome saucem, John! Thanks!