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Bug with column order in table


If you select a table, and press F4, the columns are listed in some bizarre order, such as field 3, field 6, field 14, field 1, etc. This never happened in any prior versions of TOAD, and is very time-consuming to fix. Please fix this soon.

Thanks. Paul


Click the ‘ID’ column header to sort. It will remember what you set
it at.


Ah it is remembering it. I’ve just noticed that too in the last week or so that
sometimes the columns would come up in the wrong order. I don’t remember it
doing that in the beta.

The norm for me (98% of the time) is viewing them in ID order and once in a
while (2% or less of the time) I will sort by another column like column name or
data type. The next table I go to I would want them to show back up in ID order.
I’m guess I’m not liking the remembering part.




This one came out of the ‘grid consistency’ movement. All grids
remember their settings now.

This is an unsupported hack, but seems to be harmless - you can lock in the
settings for that grid by making this file read only:


Be sure to set the grid how you want it and then close the SB first.



But these are newly created tables in which I never rearranged the columns in any sense, and they are still in screwy order - this should never be happening. Perhaps, if necessary, an option to always display in order should be included.

Thanks. Paul


It’s not something that is remembered per table. The columns grid
remembers its settings. It doesn’t care what table it’s showing you.

Maybe we can change something, but if we want to maintain uniform behavior in
grids throughout Toad, It would have to be a change that would affect all grids.
Possibly a way to lock in your settings as I described in the last post.


Paul , I just re-read your original post. Are you talking about the Columns tab
or the Data tab?



It doesn’t matter. If you go to old_table_A sort by column name then got to
New_table_B that you never viewed in the SB before it will be sorted by column
name. It does not remember it by table. It remembers the grid regardless of



Darn grid consistency! Well I will leave it like it is. I will just have that
extra click every once in a while.