SB Tablespace LHS column justification


In SB, the LHS options for Tablespace include “Max Size” and “% Used of Max”. It used to be that the content for “Max Size” was right-justified and “% Used of Max” was centered, but now it’s reversed. In other words, they used to be formatted like they are on the RHS.

Just an oversight or by design? I’m guessing the LHS column options changed, because I was temporarily freaking out that my tablespaces were 30x smaller than they should be, when I noticed that “Size” wasn’t being shown. Whew! [:)]


Hm, no that was not intentional. I’m not sure when that changed but sorry for the heart attack! The numeric columns are supposed to be right-justified, but the ones with the graph and the % are supposed to be centered. I’ll clean that up soon.

No worries, John! I just need to pay attention to the columns that I’m looking at. It’s a great non-invasive kick to my complacency that I required from time to time. To time…to time…

Thanks much!


Fixed for next beta.