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Scheduled Jobs in SB: Add capability to easily copy the Job Action text

With the Jobs (dbms_job) tab in the SB, you can easily highlight and copy all/part of the "what" of a job from the lower RHS.

With the Sched. Jobs (dbms_scheduler) tab in the SB, the Job Action text visible when the Info tab is active cannot be copied. You have to go to the Script tab, but even then the text will have all single quotes replaced with double single quotes. So, if you want something, you have to navigate to another tab, highlight a very specific section, and then run it through a replace to convert the quotes.

It would be great to make the Job Action text (which is formatted correctly with single quotes) available for easy selective copying on the Info tab.

I was able to copy the Job Action text on the info tab...but I do see that if the data has line feeds, those don't copy right. Is that what you meant?

Another option is double-click the job to get to the create/alter dialog, then go to the "Program" tab.

Ah! Right-click in the grid, then uncheck "Row Select". Then CTRL+C seems to behave, even with multi-line data.

Yes, turning off Row Select was the key. I can now copy the value in the second column without getting the label from the first column, and, yes, multi-line data now copies correctly.

The only thing I can't do here that I can do on the Jobs tab is selectively copy a subset of the text, but that's not a deal breaker. Easily getting the text is key and now I can do that with Row Select turned off.

Thanks, John!


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