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Schema Browser: Copy cell values prepared for IN-Statement

Good Morning,
when I copy data from the Data-Tab in the table view of the schema browser, to use it in an IN-Statement, I always have to add commas, apostrophes and so on manually. This happens quite often while testing or when analysing an error.

It would be great, if there was an option to copy values prepared for an IN-Statement. Quite similiar to the "Copy selected column names to clipboard" option in the Columns-Tab.
Also it would be helpfull, if the option could recognize the data type of the column. So if it's a number, it just copies the values seperated by comma, if it's a string it copies the values with apostrophe, date values with prepared TO_DATE-Statement and so on.

Thanks in advance and have a great week everybody! :slight_smile:

Toad has this feature already in Export Dataset, in the Delimited Text format.


Hi, thank you for the fast reply!
The function is basically exactly what I want, but it's kind of complicated to get there. If the export function isn't set on delimited text allready, it takes a lot of clicks to get to the copied data.

Is it possible, to set these settings as a shortcut or something like that?

There is an export dataset button above the grid, so that's a tiny bit faster than right-click, I suppose, but that's the only shortcut there is right now.

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Okay, thank you. :slight_smile:

I would leave the subject open though, because a faster way to copy the data would be really helpfull.

I just remembered, there is another way to do this, it may be a bit faster.

Right-click and choose "Single Column Export". Then, in the dialog that appears, choose "Clipboard". The Clipboard destination defaults to an "In" list. Check "Export Selected rows" if that's what you want., then OK.

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Sorry for the late reply. The way you described works realy well, thanks!