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Scheduled Jobs

I have updated my TOAD version from 8 to 10. I had some Oracle scheduled jobs and now i´m not able to find the Scheduled Jobs tab in the new version. Where can I view this kind of jobs in this version?
Thanks a lot.

Are they DBMS_JOBS or DBMS_SCHEDULER objects? You should have pages for both
types of objects in the browser.

Right-click where the red circle is and choose Configure. In the Configure
Browser Tabs dialog, check Scheduled Jobs

The job type is dbms_scheduler. I´ve already chosen the Configure Browser Tabs dialog but Scheduled Jobs is not an option. I´ve looked for this option at Contents in Help menu and there isn´t any help for this item.
I attach the file showing the options I have.
My TOAD version is
Is there any other option for showing this tab?

I believe that requires the DBA option (although it’s coming to standard
in 11.0 – check out the beta). Maybe you entered the wrong license key?

My TOAD Edition is XpertEdition and it seems properly licensed. Is DBA option included in this type of license? It is possible to activate it? It´s not an instalation option.

Expert does not include DBA – DBA is a separate item that must be
purchased. If you do help->about and don’t see the words DB Admin
Module then you don’t have it and need to talk to your sales rep about
getting it.