toad 10 - schema browser has no scheduler

hi guys

I’m using toad 10 expert. I have been upgraded from 9.7 although this was a toad dba version. I seem to have no option to look at scheduler jobs in the schema browser. I have tried configuring these but they are not there. could this be because of the missing dba option or some other configurable issue?

thanks for you help in advance.

You need the DBA module to see the scheduler stuff.

If you have the DBA module, you might just need to un-hide those items in the
SB. To do that, click the rightmost toolbar button on the SB, and then
“configure LHS Object Types”. Scroll down to the scheduler stuff and
then put a checkmark in the ‘visible’ column.

It’s easy to check your license for DBA – just do help -> about
and see what the text says (e.g. Toad with DBA Option).

thanks very much.

yes looks like the missing dba module has caused the issue. Thanks.

My advice would be to contact your company’s contact for software vendors
and see if they can remedy. Otherwise I’d suggest calling your Quest sales
rep – who can help you with that. But if you’re not current on
maintenance – the record might not be in their sales database (i.e. they
might not be able to look you up depending on how long it’s been).

I seem to have a new liscencing menu option and there it only says expert.

Your 9.7 key will work in your v10 copy if you still have it laying around.

I am trying to compare schemas using a schema definition file.

At the top of the schema definition file I have the following:

– Create Schema Script

– Database Version :

– Toad Version :

I am using TOAD

Thanks for the report, I wasn’t aware of this. I wasn’t able to
reproduce the problem exactly, but I did find some problems with loading/saving
of Tables with Lobs that may have led to this error. There were also a couple of
problems with MViews and MView Logs, but I don’t think they would have led
to any errors.

This should all be fixed in today’s beta.

Thanks John, wil try it out.