Toad Spaceman objects and process

Hello All,
I am running Oracle 19.21 ASM, Multi, on rhel 8

Currently running through a new set up and noticed a few things I have questions on.
Apologies if these are documented somewhere.
When setting up toad, I noticed TOAD Spaceman creates a DBMS_JOB vs scheduler job. Can i change that to DBMS_SCHEDULER or will it break it, it seems like it would be ok but just wanted to confirm.
Also, I see you you dont modify the script it will also grant a gang of privs to public. I checked it out and it looks like those could also be removed but just want to confirm before rebuilding these.


I didn't double-check the code, but I think it should be fine to do that. You might get a message about "job doesn't exist" if you go Database -> Administer -> Tablespaces and click the toolbar button to alter the job, but that's no big deal.

Cool thanks, the Job requires a little more tweaking but the base is all there so I want to use your stuff

Yeah it's pretty simple - the job just needs to call Toad_Spaceman.capture.

You can call it as often as you want (I previously had a comment in here about once/day, but that was incorrect so I edited it out)

awesome thanks. I think I can mess with it today