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Scheduled Task in Automation

Recently I found out that Toad has nice option 'Automation'.
I tried to use it (just to test) and it works perfectly fine for me.
For my curiosity I wanted to Schedule the Task but failed.
What I did:

  1. Login as domain\user
  2. Connect to server
  3. Create a simple Task and successfully executed it
  4. Click on 'Schedule' button in 'Automation Script' dialog and took 'default' Schedule
  5. It requested my credentials
  6. When I click on 'Apply' it throws the error ( see attachment0

What could be the issue?

You haven't detailed the steps you are taking to create/schedule your "job", so rather then guess, I'll say that it's best to let Toad schedule the automation job for you. When you've tested your automation flow sufficiently, hit the "Schedule Automation" tool button above your workflow. Toad will ask you to name your job (*.TAS file type) and then ask for details on how the task scheduler should initiate your job, per screen snap below... note that it picks up your Windows credentials automatically.

Hi Gary,
You answers is always very valuable.
Here are my steps just to validate that Scheduling works for me.

  1. login
  2. in 'Database Activities' select 'Execute Script'
  3. 'Preview SQL' and populate statement:
  4. 'Save Automation Script to file and add to Project'
  5. It saved it at C:\Users<my-name>\AppData\Local\Quest Software\Toad for SQL Server 5.8\Toad Projects\test01.tas
  6. Validated that it generates expected Result Set of 1092 rows
  7. I click on 'Schedule' button but it didn't ask me to name the Job. It simply pop-up a dialog ( see attachment 1-3.png)
  8. I click on OK button
  9. In Job Manager I see the following ( attachment 4.png)
  10. It has Status 'Not scheduled'
  11. I do 'right-click' and 'Edit Task' and see the same as before i.e. attachments 1-3.png
    At which point I'm doing wrong?
    P.S. I see that your screenshot looks like regular Windows Task Scheduler but mine is completely different. Likely this is the culprit .. When I click on 'Schedule ..' it opens

    dialog and ask me to save it ... and so on ..
  • Gary,
    Any suggestions?