Getting error "Error Registering Task Reason: " while using Scheduler for 'Execute Script' in 'Automation Designer' in TOAD For Oracle 14.2

I am trying to automate an sql script in Automation Designer in Toad for Oracle 14.2 but getting error in 'Authenticate user' when trying to schedule it.

When I click on Run, this script executes successfully (see 1. in screenshot)

When I try to 'Schedule' it, I get error in 'Authenticate user'. I am entering my windows credentials here. I also tried using the Database user credentials, I get the same error (see 2,3,4 in the screenshot)

It wants your Windows credentials, not database.

There is a bug in Toad such that the true error message is not given and you just get a "blank" error dialog as in your #4 screenshot above. This is fixed in the current Toad 16.3 beta.

The error that you are experiencing is likely caused by your Windows user not having privileges to schedule something on your PC. Running Toad as Administrator may help.