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Automation Task

When I schedule an Automation .tas it doesn’t apprear to run, but runs fine in Automation window?

I appreciate the assistance.

Thank you,


Hi Timothy,

Thank you for your feedback, could you give us some detailed information?

For example, step by step about your operate, and the screenshots. This can help us to further investigate the problem.

Thank you again.


Hi Timothy,

I try to Schedule a .tas, but I can't reproduce your issue. Below is my step, please kindly tell us if I miss something.


  1. Save a automation file as .tas in local.

  2. Click Schedual Automation Script Button to Start Schedual.

  3. Set time. Set current windows logon user as ''Run as', and set windows logon passwords.

  1. Click Apply Button.

  2. Wait the time you schedualed. then refresh the Job Manager.

My Result: I can see the history on Job Manager ->Task List.

If you have more question please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,