Schedules created for Toad automation package getting stuck intermittently with status 0x41301

Schedules created for Toad automation package getting stuck intermittently with status 0x41301.
When we rerun from the scheduler, it completes successfully


That is a windows error code, not Toad. Apparently that means "The task is already running"

Is this helpful?

Yes this is Windows error code , but looks like Toad never returned successful completion status. We use virtual in scheduling and so no trace of execution logs in Toad as well. Since the issue is intermittent it is very difficult to debug.

I don't know what causes that.

Are you starting multiple jobs at the exact same time? If so, does it help to stagger them?

Even if they are only staggered by a few minutes, and one starts before the prior one finishes, that's probably still better than starting them at the same time.

Yes we have multiple tasks scheduled at the same time. We will try to stagger it and try

we have tried to keep it 30 secs apart and still the issue occurs.

I don't know offhand what would cause this, but it seems like windows thinks that the task is already running. I see the task is running daily. I wonder if there was problem the day before and Toad was stuck and still running. (I am not sure what that problem could be specifically).

Maybe these settings in task scheduler would help.


Hi John,

But changing these settings does not resolve our problem. If schedule does not complete and report produced by automation package is not available and downstream process have inconsistent data. Please suggest ways for identifying the root cause and fix for the same

Hi MIthun,

I'm sorry, I don't have the answer for you. You'll have to do some investigation to look for clues. As I start, I would try to find out things like:

Is the prior run still running? Did it create its output file? Is the output file complete? If the prior run is still running, maybe you can get a copy of the user files folder and look in the logs for problems. Does the disk have enough capacity? Is there enough CPU on the machine to do all this simultaneous work?

You may also wish to consider that running so many actions at the same time is causing the problem. Maybe there is a problem here, even in virtual mode. Maybe breaking this workload up among a couple of PCs would solve it. I don't really know. Just tossing out some ideas.


Couple of things. Its daily schedule. Previous day was successful. The day when it is stuck with status 0x41301 report is not produced. In windows log, for successful run usually has 6 steps. where as stuck has only 4. Space, Memory and CPU is normal during this time when ta

sk gets stuck