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Schema browser Constraints Tab

When using the schema brower, I expect to see a list of constraints under the constraints tab. I keep accidentally hiding everything under the constraints tab except for one check constraint’s condition. There are tiny little places to click that I can sometimes find to get at least one of the constraints to show, but I can’t get the vertical list of all of them. I search help and the web with the terms “toad schema browser constraint tab” but my hits are all telling me how to hide or display the entire tab, not how to change what I’m seeing within the tab.

Can someone point me to the right place in the documentation ?

  1. Open the Schema Browser

  2. If you don’t see a drop-down that says “Tables” and has many other object types listed, then on the right hand side of the Schema Browser, click the last toolbar button and then choose “Dropdown” in the list.

  3. Now, in the dropdown that says “Tables”, change it to “Constraints”

That should list all of the constraints in the current schema, unless you previously set a filter. If you did, the filter icon (looks like a funnel) will be red. If it is red, click the dropdown next to the funnel icon and choose “Clear filter for Constraints”