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Show sql for disable constraints

John, I’m missing right click|Show SQL without schema name on Disable Constraint pop-up. Would you kind to add this cool feature also on this screen?


I’ll be happy to Tamas, but it will have to wait until we get into the next beta cycle. We’re in bug-fix-only mode now.

I thought this is a bug :wink:

Anyway, this option was my request in a previous version, but I indicated it at the Alter Table window. Did you add only to Create Table|Alter Table edit windows, or it should applicable on any Show SQL button in TOAD?

I thought this is a bug ;9)

I mean the AV’s, Toad vanishing, “List Index Out of Bounds”, and “I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that” kind of errors.

It should be in all of the Create/Alter windows. Disable Constraints is just a random one that I missed.

OK, I understand.

Thanks John!