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Schema Browser left hand view invisible column resizes

Another small bug? In Schema Browser sometimes when I change to another tab (in multi line tabbed layout) the objects in the left hand window get cut by a invisible blank column. When I search carefully with the mouse and watch out for the cursor to change to a “column-width-change-cursor” at the top border of the white field I can resize the invisible columns again. Toad 32-bit.


BR Nick

Seems that packages, functions do not have that tiny part to resize column. Look in tables to see that part that is missing here.
This is the same in drop down as well.


If you take a look at my screenshot you can see that these column headers that you refer to are not visible for packages. As I understand there should be only on column for packages, procedures and functions. That is why there are no column headers.

As I wrote this only happens sometimes. Perhaps 5 times a day when I work with Toad the whole day. I do not know how to reproduce it. Not a big thing, just wanted to report it.

I can’t repeat this problem, but something similar was reported early in the 12.5 beta cycle and it was fixed. If you can, please download the beta and let me know if that solves your problem.…/20424.aspx


yes I think this is the same. Expand, contract and expand again makes it reproducible for me too. On second expand the column gets resized to the length of the largest package name in the list.