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Minor Schema Browser annoynance


Since I installed, I’ve noticed a mildly obnoxious Schema Browser behavior.

I am in the “Deps (Used By)” tab of a PL/SQL package and have a number of dependent objects listed in the “Package Specification” section.

Using the right-click menu or the shortcut key, I “Load in Editor” or “Describe F4” one of the dependent objects and the focus shifts to whatever opens.

When I go back to the Schema Browser the movable separator between the “Package Specification” and “Package Body” sections of the “Deps (Used By)” tab has slid all the way to the top, hiding all the dependent objects and requiring me to slide it back down to see the contents.

Neither the “Compile” nor the “Find in Schema Browser Shift+F4” actually leave the Schema Browser (although the latter moves somewhere else) and the movable separator has stayed put upon returning to the “Deps (Used By)” tab.

No big deal, but figured I’d pass this along.



I don’t see exactly what you’re describing, but that does sound
annoying. There is some code in there such that when the form is resized, if
the bottom ½ goes away because the form got resized too small, the splitter is
adjusted to the middle. I think somehow that code must be firing as you go
from window to window. I thought I could maybe get it to happen with
maximized windows and a smallish Toad main window, but I never got it to

If you send me your Toad.ini, I might be able to reproduce it and then I should
be able to fix it.


I just noticed I misspelled “annoyance” in the subject line. That’s even more annoying than my Toad issue! Sorry to all.

I sent you my Toad.ini via e-mail.

A few more things, if they matter:

I have 13 dependent objects listed in the Package Specification section.

If I have 3 or less dependencies displayed when I move away from the Schema Browser, the movable separator stays put and is where I left it when I come back. If 4 or more dependencies are shown, the separator slides back to the top when I leave and return. If just part of the 4th dependency is displayed, it stays put; only once the 4th is fully visible does the behavior change.

I migrated my 9.7 settings upon install. I seem to remember being asked if I wanted to do so.

I use a dual-display PC, but generally only run Toad on one display, sized (but not maximized) to fill the entire screen except for the Windows task bar.



OK, I see what is happening – it is that resize code I was talking about
that is doing it. When you have a maximized window in Toad, and you switch to
another maximized window, the first one becomes unmaximized behind the scenes.
When you unmaximize your SB, it has is going to its remembered size, which is
pretty small – and when that happens, the bottom half of that window is
adjusting itself in an attempt to keep from being ‘lost’.

So here is what you can do – unmaximize your SB. Resize it so it is big
enough to see the top and bottom half of the deps tab on the RHS. Then you can
go back to having it maximized, and switching to the editor or another window
will not mess up your splitter position.

I’ll fix it for the next beta.