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Unable to view options that allow exporting the script with schema differences between two databases in xls, xlsx formats

I am trying to generate a script that shows the differences in the objects between a schema of two different databases. This should not be the sync script, but the general script that shows all the differences between the objects (tables, views, triggers, sequences, procedures, etc.). I am not able to see those options that allow to do this in my TOAD version. I know we had options to do this in the TOAD 11.x version.

Please help. Thanks.

From the main menu:

Database -> Compare -> Schemas - Legacy

If you don’t see that, right-click on the toolbar and choose “Customize”. In the window that appears, go to the “Commands” tab and click on “Compare”. Then you can drag “Schemas - Legacy” up to the main menu.

Then after you set up the schema compare and run it, you can right-click in the results and choose “Send to excel”.

Thank you, John.

Appreciate your prompt response!