Schema Compare

I love the new schema compare, and it always worked great in the beta. Now that I am using the release version, however, I cannot get it to work. I keep getting the same error, no matter what DB I try to connect to.

Schema Compare connects to the remote DB just fine, and gets the schema for it just fine. However, it cannot connect to my local DB. It keeps giving me the same error message.

Load from database started.
Cannot open user default database. Login failed.
Load target failed.
Process terminated. See previous messages.

I would like to stress that this worked fine in the beta, and that no permissions have changed. I am full server admin, db_owner, etc. etc.

All right. I figured out what the problem was. Bleah. I renamed a DB to better reflect the project. I was not aware that it was set as my Default DB. When I renamed it, my login’s default DB was no longer pointing at something that existed.

What threw me off, was that TOAD still connected just fine. This is due to the fact that TOAD uses it’s own Default DB setting during connection, bypassing the SQL Server Login setting.

This isn’t directly a TOAD issue. In fact, TOAD sort of saved me. I tried to log in to SSMS, and it flat out refused. However, TOAD maybe could do something to better relay the fact that the user is being stupid.

Ah well. At least the issue is resolved. I thought I would let the community know.

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I’ve created CR110308 to handle this case. Thanks for the post!

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