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Schema comparison from Command line

Hi Experts,
i am trying to compare two schema from command line. Once i given the command toad getting started for the first schema and getting an error

“The scehma compare has been converted to an action and is now run from command line using the action palette. To load settings file in the new schema compare window, do a ctrl+alt+shift in the “Target Schemas” grid. See “Actions” in the help file for more information.”

Below is the details further

I have created one file “comp.txt” Created in C:\DB_Scripts\compare_Schema folder. Executed the command from command line
C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle>“toad.exe” -c “xx/xxxx@xx” comp=“C:\DB_Scripts\compare_Schema\comp.txt”

is any one seen this kind of error?
Can anyone Please help me how to compare the schema step wise how you guys are doing ?

Thanks in advance

File content is pasted below

A long time ago a new more powerful way to run toad from command line was
implemented – it’s called actions. Then with each release screens
were reworked to use this new facility – and to no longer use the old
command line engine. So –c is no longer an option – it has been
replaced by the infinitely more powerful –a command line option. There
have been tons of material written about this and how to best use it. My advice
is to start with the online help to get some basics, then read several great
blogs on toad world covering toad’s app designer and running apps from
command line, plus Mark Lerch the key developer on this wrote some white papers
which I believe are both on toad world and the yahoo groups and/or toad
community in the files section. Read all that and then come back if there are
questions ……