Script to Disconnect Database in TOAD Automation Script.

Seeking the correct script syntax to disconnect from Database within TOAD automation script (TOAD for Data Analysts 3.1). I have tried various syntaxes to include DISCONNECT, EXIT, QUIT with and without semicolon; embedded and attached sql; etc. Nothing worked. The automation process takes 25 minutes to complete and I would like to prevent all the warning message boxes at the end (e.g., idle time exceeded; etc.). Appreciate any help. Thanks


In our next release TDP 3.3 the connection will close after each container activity. In the script you show the connection will remain open until all child activities are done.

However, you do not need to put these activities into a connection container anymore. Each activity has it’s own connection.

For now you can uncheck the “Stop on Error” option of any activity. This will ignore the error and continue.


Thank you Debbie for the quick response. Glad to see the enhancement is coming.

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Has this capability been implemented in TDP 3.4? If so, is there reference material on how to disconnect once done with database? Thanks