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Database Disconnects

I have recently noticed that when I disconnect from a database in TOAD (v5.5.0.480) that the database connection generally remains active until I exit from the application.

Is there some setting that controls this behaviour, or is it a bug?

I’m not seeing this behavior. If I open a Toad connection, bring up spotlight and go the applications drilldown I can see the connection. When I disconnect the connection goes away.

Can you explain exactly what you’re doing, and how you’re monitoring the database?

This behaviour is occurring with my coworker as well. I can’t say that it happens 100% of the time, but we have both witnessed it on a number of occassions.

Basically we connect to the database from the connection manager and tool around, doing any of a variety of tasks. When we are done we disconnect from the database (the little connection icon with the white arrow in the green circle goes away). I will then later get on spotlight and notice that I have a connection to the database from TOAD. I verify that the database is not connected in TOAD and then close the TOAD application. At that time the database connection disappears.

What is the OS of the server? Do you know if you’re using connection pooling?

AIX 6.1. We are running LUW v9.7 fp7.

We are using the native driver connection to the database and the server is using the connection concentrator. Connection pooling shouldn’t be in the picture.

Do you have any Toad editors or any other Toad windows open after you disconnect?

I’ve seen cases with Concentrator and connection pooling on the server where applications will still show up on the monitor long after the application has disconnected. I believe DB2 still sees the connection memory structures after a disconnect.

Be sure to manually refresh Spotlight and check the application status.

There is a new update out and am wondering if this resolves the issue.