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Scrollbars in editor

I’m not sure if this only happens for me, but the behavior of the scrollbars could be improved.

The editor seems to have some internal width of approximately 2000px, so my horizontal scrollbar only goes away when extending TOAD to two screens, even if the editor is empty.
Since usually my lines of code are not wider than the editor, I would expect the horizontal scrollbar to disappear unless the text actually takes more space than displayable.
This would allow to display one more line of code, and the editor would look cleaner.

While size makes less difference for the vertical scrollbar, it is also strange that it is displayed as soon as the editor contains more than one line, instead of hiding it unless the text does not fit (or just displaying it always).

Best regards, Peter

The same thing happens for “DBMS Output” and “Script Output” by the way.

All instances of that edit control will be this way throughout Toad, there are many. This has come up a few times on the forums and there is info in other posts.

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The same thing happens for “DBMS Output” and “Script Output” by the way.

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Thanks, adding link for completeness’ sake:

My reasons for asking are the same as Boneists.

The link has been mangled.

This is a very low priority item right now and changing it will introduce additional performance hits. I don’t know how much performance will be affected, but apparently enough that the component developer intentionally omitted the behavior and provides a note in the docs that it’s not done because of the performance hit.

Trying to link again:

You already seem to do a good job with storing the width of the longest line encountered so far (scrolling down will automatically increase the width if a longer line appears), so it might be worth a try.

Definitely low-priority, and I would also not trade performance for this. Just wanted to let you know, could have been easy to fix :slight_smile:

Toad isn’t doing anything for calculating the line width. The behavior is all native to the edit control. It has the ability to set a fixed width or set a default width and adjust wider as needed. We are using the latter method. I can only assume that auto-width was evaluated in detail given the specific mention of it in the documentation.