Schema Browser scroll bars on Source tab

Beta and

Open Schema Browser to any object (packages, procedures or functions) with a Source tab. Resizing Toad smaller can cause a phantom horizontal scroll bar on top of the actual horizontal scroll bar. This defect depends on the longest line of code in the Source window. The defect can also be triggered by switching focus to an Edit window and then back to the Schema Browser window assuming the code lines in the Source window are long enough.

Hi Raymond

Thanks. I’ve noticed this too. It’s annoying. It only happens when a color scheme is enabled. I’ll take a look at it next week.


I found the cause. It's too late for 16.0, but we'll have this fixed in 16.1.

Really, this has nothing to do with source. It can happen for any object type in the SB.

Somehow, this scrollbar, which is supposed to be limited to the list of objects above it, still becoming visible when we're showing the details of a specific object on the right (as long as the RHS is narrower than the list, it'll be visible).

Yes, it can happen on any Tab on the right that needs to show a horizontal scrollbar. I can reproduce it on the Constraints tab but the extra scrollbar is not on top of the other one so there is no harm.

Source was the most annoying one because the extra scrollbars are on top of the normal one so you can't click on them (both horizonal and vertical).

If I click on Refresh the detail pane it fixes it temporarily. It comes back if you switch windows and come back or you resize the Toad window.