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Select to File and Excel Slicers, Data Point 4_3


Using the Select To File activity in automation, with output going to an Excel file with slicers, wipes out the slicers. Each slicer contains the message:

This shape represents a slicer. Slicers are supported in Excel 2010 or later.


a. version 3.8 does not have this problem.

b. Occurs using Select To File on XLSX and XLSM files.




We are aware of this issue. This will be fixed in TDP 4…QAT-9329.

It will also be in our first Beta of the year. ETA 2-3 weeks


Thanks Debbie. I am very much looking forward to the issue being resolved.



Debbie, It appears that Toad Data Point (32 bit), still has the problem of removing the Excel slicers. Is there an update on the issue?


It was fixed in TDP 5.0. When mentioned being in the first Beta of the year, that would have been last year but the version at the time was 4.5. There is a new TDP 5.0 Beta with the fix if you would like to try it there.


Yes, so far the beta seems to be working just fine with regard to slicers. This is great!



Yay! :blush::sunglasses: