Export to Excel Sheet Breaks Slicers

Good afternoon all…

Many reports I run are produced by using the export to file component in TDP. We export to Excel worksheets that source pivot tables. Recently I have been trying to update some older approaches to populating these worksheets to this export to file method and these reports use slicers. These slicers in the workbook break after TDP is done inserting the result set into the worksheet… Where ever a slicer was is replaced by a placeholder image stating that slicers are supported in Excel 2010 and beyond. Has anyone else experienced this?

Using Toad Data Point 4.0.1 and Excel 2013


This is a known issue that we are trying to resolve. QAT-9329 Unfortunately the issue is in a 3rd party control we use and they are not stating when they will have this fixed.

Thank you, Ms. Peabody. I appreciate the prompt reply. Our alternative is to write to a flat file and use a refreshed data connection in an XLSM to produce our workbooks. Do you happen to have an alternative that doesn’t create contention over Excel instances and long wait times with large result sets? If it’s what I have to do, then I shall, but I sure wouldn’t mind an alternative. If there’s no slicers of course… then this isn’t an issue.


I’m following up on this issue because we need to migrate all of our reporting automation to TOAD 4.x.

Has there been any movement with 9329?

I am experiencing the same exact issue. Can you please provide an update on your 3rd parties progress?

Thank you

This is fixed and available in the latest Beta. Please download and confirm this works for you. GA release that will include this fix will be in May/June.