Select to File - Macro enabled file - automation removes command buttons

I have a loop dataset to use variables for Tabnames and SQL files. A Select to File is set to use a macro enabled Excel file that has a Table of Contents Tab with a couple of command buttons used for formatting etc… When the automation runs - it populates the data tabs perfectly but it strips out the command buttons on the Table of Contents tab.

Is there a way to prevent this odd behavior?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide


hi retainiac,

What version of TDP you are using? (Help > About)

Please note that in 4.3 version we’ve made many improvements and when i simulate this scenarion in there it works fine while in 4.2 it really strips off the activex controls…

However if you would like a workaround, i would suggest you to replace the buttons with standard Shape objects (Insert ribbon tab > Shapes > choose some Rectangle) and where after it is placed you can right click on Assign Macro and make it work like any other button.