service manager


Which port to open if I want to handle services on hosts behind a firewall?
When I try to search for services there, I receive “permission denied”.


Caveat: I’m certainly not well versed in the use of firewalls. Just the
very basics.

My understanding is that your firewall will need to be configured to let the
service request through that you would need to make.

For example, https requests.

Additionally it can be focused to specific ports that your particular service
has been set for. For example, the default port setup for https is (if my
understanding is correct) 443. However, that doesn’t mean the admin that
setup the particular service didn’t change the port to something else.

Finally, it can also be focused to specific machines.

You’ll need to follow up with both the firewall admin (if not yourself)
and the particular service admin – the DBA (again, if not yourself plus I
assume since you sent your request to the Toad for Oracle group you intend to
access an Oracle database) – in order to arrange to get the firewall
opened to allow you to connect.

Depending on your situation, you may require authorization before you can
proceed with your firewall access request. I say that only because where I work
has several firewalls setup and depending on what you need to access, even an
internal pc requires authorization to get through a given firewall.

Roger S.