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TOAD for Oracle connections - firewall issue?

I’m sure this has come up before, but I’m struggling to find any information…

TOAD for Oracle (DB Admin Module)
Connecting to Oracle database

Client - Windows XP

Connection to said Oracle database on Server A - no problems
Copied Oracle database to Server B
Using sqlplus (from CMD) on Client to Server A or B - no problems
Trying to connect to moved database on Server B, using TOAD - hangs, and hangs… Have to kill TOAD.

So, thinking - Firewall issue associated with location of Server B?

Can anyone help with a list of ports TOAD uses - other than 1521?
Standard location of logfiles within TOAD, and how to switch on ‘tracing’


btw - seems connection is made to the oracle database on server B okay, but no reply to TOAD…?


Hi there, sorry about the delay. I passed this on to QA/Support, and meanwhile…

If needed, our award-winning Support team can help (phone and link below). We here on the Development team also monitor our Yahoo groups daily, and we hope to see you there.



Support can be emailed at:

Support can be reached by phone at:
1.800.306.9329 or 949.754.8000

Thanks for your patience,