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Service Pack 3


I just had Windows XP service Pack 3 installed on my PC last night and already Navigator has crashed twice. Have you had any reported issues with this service pack? Attached is one of 4 messages received when nav crashes.


Hi Dale,

We haven’t got any report about this issue yet. I myself have been using SP3 for a while and have not seen this error message. It may help to reinstall SQL Nav and see if it makes a difference.



Hi Dale,

Can you please provide the steps how to reproduce it? Is this problem only happen in SP3 not SP2?



select table_name, last_ddl_time from dba_objects a,

(select b.* from dba_tab_columns b, all_tab_columns c

where b.column_name like ‘%’||c.column_name) d

where a.object_name = d.table_name

We were trying to figure out how to speed up a query using a wildcard like this. Using the inner select, running explain plan. Then putting the whole thing together and running explain plan… I doubt this is any help, but if I crash again I will try to pay more attention.

Navigator Generally crashes on me 1 to 2 times daily. But it is usually closer to the end of the day and normally it is when I have a large amount of data returned, I return all rows then sort via column header. This was the first time it crashed early in the day twice and really with minimal work. It has not crashed again since and as for what I was doing I can not tell you exactly, but I believe (Based on the History) I was working on a query like this (This is by no means the query I was running, the tables I was using are our own, so I made this up to mimic what I was doing)

********and a.last_ddl_time > sysdate - 30


Hi Dale,

I tried to run this query but didn’t have any luck. Nav seems to run for a long time and nothing got returned but it didn’t crashed by itself. I waited for a while and decided to kill it. I tried with 5.5 too and got the same problem.



I think that everything that occurred that day was just coincidental. Nav is back to it’s usual self. I have not crashed at all for the last 3 days.