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Navigator and Memory Issues.


A sales person called me and I had mentioned that navigator was crashing due to memory issues. I told her that I had not had time to validate. I was trying to emulate a business objects query and had to return all rows (Bunches). I finally tired the same on 6.2, although the crash was different, the end result was the same. I had never done the “return all rows” before 6.3 so it was a first. I will say that this is no more an issue than any of the other Memory issues already reported…


Hi Dale,

The patch 6.3.1 has changes to fix this issue.
You can download 6.3.1 from the below link: (download size about 133MB)

It is the full installer which can be upgraded ontop or installed oside by side with previous releases.

v6.3.1 patch will be released on our Support Link site soon, and it is available on request. The patch fixed the following items:

  • The data grid could not handle large dataset, and Exporting large number of rows and when export finishes, SQL Navcloses.

  • Formatter: formats wrong after the package/procedure separator

  • Request to support User Profile with TNS_ADMIN=%USERPROFILE%

  • Issue with tab chars and executing a selected SQL.

  • SQL*Plus command highlight were broken (Regression 6.2)

  • Nav 6.2.1 does not return “single row subquery returns more than onerow”

  • Error with opening Tablespaces node

Thanks and regards,
SQL Navigator team

Updated the correct file donwload link