Session Browser displays specific parallel processes for multiple sessions



I execute long running parallel query in sqlplus as SYS user.
In "Session Browser", I then see these parallel processes there.

Now when I open another sqlplus session with the same user that is executing this long running parallel query (in my case, it is as SYS user) or I open TOAD session with SYS user.
No matter what program I use, but when the user is the same that is executing this parallel query. Then "Session Browser" shows like all these SYS sessions are parallel coordinators - but this is wrong.

I will upload picture:


Hi Raul,

Prior to 19c, Toad uses BITAND on the OWNERID column to get the parent session SID and InstID. That stopped working in 19c, so now we look in the PROGRAM column to find parallel sessions (they look like ORACLE or ORACLE.EXE with (P###) after). We use the AUDSID column to match those sessions up to their parents.

I was able to reproduce the problem, and I see where the technique described above is failing. I will switch to using v$px_session.


Or even gv$px_session. For instance wide.


yes, I'll use that when the "use rac views" box is checked.

Hey @raul.kaubi, did you know that the parent_session_inst_id on gv$px_session doesn't always match up with the inst_id in gv$session? Check this out (just scroll to the end): Toad 13.3 session browser does not work properly on RAC

Hmm, no I haven't thought about that before actually.

In my case, seems like all are from the same instance, although I also am using RAC.


In 14.0, working as expected.


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