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Oracle Sessions for Toad 11

I have noticed in Toad 11 using the Session browser that multiple Oracle
sessions are being associated with a team member’s connection to schemas
with only the schema browser opened. How does Toad 11 open sessions for a
connection to any schema? In maybe a related issue, we are seeing an ORA-04031
errors that we haven’t seen since we were using Oracle 7 15 years ago. Any

We are on Oracle 10 Rev 2.


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That error is simple – your SGA/PGA does not have sufficient memory space
for process to initiate/allocate its space needs within the SGA/PGA. As for Toad
and sessions, that depends on your option settings among many other things
– so need much more info ….

Dave, it is probably the “Options|Editor|Syntax Highlighting”
options that is creating the 2nd session. Try unchecking those and see if
it makes a difference.

You can also check options for use noparallel hint in schema browser to keep
memory space and session utilization lower. Then there’s also the option
to run things in threads – again using more resources.