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I found the section in the Help that refers to viewing and managing existing sessions (including how to kill the sessions). There are related topics in how to access the session information via the Object Palette as well as the Database Browser. The strange thing is, I can’t seem to find this window in Toad for Data Analysis nor can I figure out how to access the information via the Object Palette or DB Browser. There is the Session Info from the Tools menu, but this is not what is referenced in the help. How do I manage sessions in Toad for Data Analysis?

FYI: here’s the section in the help that I’m referring to:


Sessions display all connections to the current database. Depending on your privileges, you may be able to view only your database connections. Sessions last from the time a user connects until they disconnect or exit the database application. You can filter or kill sessions.

Sessions are indicated by the following icons:

Indicates your active sessions

Indicates other user sessions on the current database

Session Details

You can view details for the selected session from this tab.