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can I see all the connections in Toad 12

can I see all the connections in Oracle 11g, using Toad 12?

Yes. There is a window in Toad called Session Browser that will show this.

Thanks, but those are sessions, and I have many more connections listed inth db than sessions … thanks for helping out a relative newbie!

Right, I thought you were referring to sessions. What do you mean then, by “connection”?

Hi John,

What I mean is the result of looking at v$process (I think), or this sql:

SELECT rl.snap_id, s.begin_interval_time, s.end_interval_time,

      rl.instance_number, rl.resource_name, rl.current_utilization,


 FROM dba_hist_resource_limit rl, dba_hist_snapshot s

WHERE s.snap_id = rl.snap_id AND rl.resource_name = 'processes'

ORDER BY s.begin_interval_time desc, rl.instance_number;

Oh, if you are looking at the DBA_HIST* views then you are interested in historical data. Look at Database -> Monitor -> AWR Browser. There are a lot of built in queries and you can add your own if you want. You can select a range of snapshots to limit the time range that you are interested in. The results can be plotted on charts (over time) or displayed in a grid.

This is different than what you see in v$process. The Session Browser does have a tab for “Processes” - and this basically the contents of v$process (but it is limited to the sessions that are selected). The Session Browser is real-time data though, not historical.