set define off set escape \

how do I set define off set escape \ in toad . what is equivalent setting. I want to export output to excel

Toad is SQL Plus compatible - I’ve blogged many times about it. So you use the exact same commands to do whatever as in SQL Plus. If you want that command/setting to persist then just as with SQL Plus you edit and add it to the login.sql or glogin.sql …

Here are the blogs to read - one shows exactly how to do the glogin.sql stuff :slight_smile:…/making-toad-do-what-you-want.aspx…/toad-handles-sql-plus-scripting.aspx…/toad-handles-sql-plus-scripting-part-ii.aspx…/toad-dynamic-sql-scripting.aspx…/toad-and-dynamic-sql-scripting.aspx