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Short cut for viewObjectAtCursor command not working

Key board short cut for View Object At Cursor command does not work.


Hi Gagan Ranjit,

Have you try to make change to “Current keyboard scheme” ?

you can try to change “Current keyboard scheme” then restore back. or change to other shourt cut key


Unfortunately it did not work.

I change the Current Keyboard schema and restored it back. Changed the key board combination too but still does not work.

Unrelated to this issue, when i tried to change the keyboard schema , either “Apply” button or "OK’ button was not enabled. I was able to change the schema using Configuration Wizard to switch between provided layout and schema.

I was also able to used Restore Defaults link provided in environment keyboard which ended up resetting all my setting.

I modified the keyboard combination by modifying the XML file in App data folder.

Combination for Comment and UnComment works which did not worked in previous freeware version (

I am using Freeware version (64 bit).

Hi Gagan Ranjit,

Thanks for your feedback.

We found that issue only occur in freeware version, not happen in commerical version.

and we create defectID TSS-1457 for this.