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Shortcut key For Record Count



I am using Toad For Oracle, I couldn’t find shortcut key for record count.
Could someone give some insight on how to assign shortcut for getting record counts?




Could some one give some idea how to achieve this!

Appreciate any help.



You can always right-click a table in the schema browser and select record count.


Yes, that is true by right clicking in schema browser would give the option of Record Count.

In Toad under Toad Options, shortcut keys could be assigned for almost many operations one does very frequently. Shortcut for Record Count was missing from that list.

That’s why I asked are there any way to configure shortcut key for Record Count



Hi there, I would also like to know if there is a shortcut for Record Count. Does anybody know if there is an answer to this question? many thanks


It’ll show you the number of rows at the bottom of the grid. Sometimes, if the results are too long, then it’ll display how many were fetched so far, like
“1 of 500 fetched so far (more rows exist)”. But, if you press the [Last Record] button, then it’ll fetch the rest of the rows and then display the record count. Seems like it might be easier just to r-click and select record count tho.

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Subject: [Toad for Oracle - Discussion Forum] Shortcut key for Record Count

Shortcut key for Record Count

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Can anybody tell me if there is a way to create a shortcut key for Record Count, or a way to write a macro to do it and assign it to a customised button?

My Num rows column on the Schema Browser is always unreliable (for reasons I’ve read on here)

many thanks

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