Why the Records Counts of the same table are shown different numbers in SB?

Why the record counts of a specific table between the Num Rows and the Data of the same table on RHS of Schema Browser in Toad for Oracle are different?

This table has a total of 686270 rows which displays in the ‘Num Rows’ column on RHS of Schema Browser (SB), but only a total of #40 rows displays when I right clicked and selected the ‘Record count’ option while the cursor is on the RHS Data of the table.

Each time when I Clicked Script of a table on RHS of SB , it prompted me with the following ‘Confirm’ window:

Table owner.xyz has 686270 rows(from statistics). Do you want insert statement? Yes NO

Why all of a sudden I am prompted with this message (I don’t recall it ever happened before)?

After I clicked ‘YES’ at the prompt, it then ran for a little while until I exit the session.

Could you please help me with the following questions:

  1. Why all of a sudden am I prompted with the insert statement message after I click Script on RHS of SB? How to suppress the prompted message?

  2. How do I get the original records (686270 rows) back to this table?

Thanks in advance.