Show a complete spool like sql navigator does

The toad spool does not record all the necessary information for a detailed record of the activity on the productive database.

When executing a script in the sqlnavigator the following is recorded

- Start and end time

- Executed  script and number of rows afected.

Toad does not show this detail in the spool

i wil attached images of de details.

Are you talking about Spool SQL or when you use a "spool" command in a script?  

If you are talking about "spool" commands

  * Our goal is to mimic SQL*Plus output, so we don't plan to include additional information here.  

 * Row counts appear in output.

 * You can get the query to appear by including a "SET ECHO ON" command after the spool command.

 * It's not quite start/end time, but you can include "SET TIMING ON" and then you'll see ELAPSED TIME information after your query.

If you are talking about Spool SQL:

 * The query is already shown, that's the point.

 * Spool SQL already has start time but not end time.   Start time of the next query is usually a pretty good indicator of end time of the first, but not always.

 * I agree, those other details would be nice to have.

Number of rows and execution time was added for Toad 13.1