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Beta Notes

Spool SQL

Spool SQL New Features

  1. Output variables now show output values instead of just null (no option here).

  2. Insert, select, update, delete, and merge queries can now include # of rows affected. Only rows of initial fetch will count in the select. For the others, the actual # of rows affected is shown.

  3. Elapsed time can now be shown.

For #'s 2 and 3, the option can be enabled/disabled in the Spool SQL output window. A toolbar button has been added, and the new options are under it, along with “Substitute bind variable values”


Parenthesis (bracket, brace, etc.) matching again works when caret is located anywhere within range of an open and close brace as it functioned in older versions. In addition, all brace groups containing the caret position are highlighted; this is an enhancement over previous versions.