Show only Primary Databases (azure)

We have 2 SQL Servers in Azure, sqlServer1 and sqlServer2.

We have more than 50 databases running on them. sqlServer1 isn’t always where the Primary database is, sometimes it is sqlServer2 that is primary.

When something breaks I need to fix it fast. In our customer’s table, we track which SQL Server they have as their primary database. I have to query that each time to figure out the Primary one or my changes will fail due to it being secondary (read only).

When I open Toad, I have to choose Server1 or Server2 from the Connection Manager. I have to flip back and forth between these connections.

Is there a way to open a Toad Connection and only see the Primary databases?

I am rather new to all of this, please ask me any questions in case I didn’t come across well.

Thank you for the help on this.


When Server1 and Server2 have been connect by Toad, Connection Manager will remeber that two connections by default, you need to delete one of them by manual when you close Toad.

You can uncheck save password so that need to input password each time.

Hope that this can help you!


MICHAEL: If I delete one of my connections, I will lose all the primary databases from that connection.

I created a workaround however, it is not dynamic.
I did an 'Export Connections' list from toad. I took a look at the xml and found everything I needed to build my list of primary database connections. As I stated in my first post, we track the primary server in a table. I pulled what I needed from that table and added it to the xml. Once I compiled the list, I imported it into a Connection Group called Primary Databases.

Cool, that’s good workaround.

pls pay attention to xml format, don’t destory the format and keep backup file.